How To Be A Successful CosmetologistThis Book is the REAL deal!
"Pam tells the truth. You'll serve your clients at a level that few achieve. As a professional, you'll see opportunities that are missed by most and attain a standard of success that can be quantified and documented. I will be so bold as to say that no one has cracked the code of how to be a successful Cosmetologist like Pam has in this book. It's direct, fun, bold and efficient. As a Cosmetologist, I assure you, you will have a hard time putting this book down! It is a one of a kind and worth 100 times what you have paid for it!"

~Jordan Adler, Author of Beach Money & Amazon Best Seller

How to be a successful cosmetologist

"Pam is such a motivating force!"

"I have been working through many surgeries this year and I wanted to give a short testimony for my friend Pam Hannam who I've know for a couple of years now, because she has been my inspiration throughout all of these situations.
I am a four time world champion discus thrower and have represented Great Britain for 30 years. I also hold the world record for a 100 meter 8000 kilo truck pull.  What makes Pam different from everyone else is She's done the competitions and has the trophies to back up her methods. Anytime I need a motivational pep talk to get me through my hard times in my life or encouragement for a contest I know Pam's the one to talk to, She has always been there when I needed her and I wholeheartedly recommend her book!"

-Kevin Brown 4 Time World Champion Discus Thrower

 Pam is one hard working girl!

"She has went through a lot of difficulties in her life,  with very little or no support from anyone. Through her positive thinking and believing in herself she has become a very successful business lady. She knows a lot and she shares all that knowledge with you in her book. I just finished reading it and I love it! It is so much more that just how to set up your own business as a Cosmetologist but how to organize your life and be successful and productive in any business!"

-Larissa Dobey

What a Difference Pam's Book Made!

"I didn't know what I was missing until I took Pamela's class, I'm not sure how I was running my business, actually I wasn't running my business I was just working. My life has changed tremendously after spending this time with Pamela, she tells it like it is whether it hurts or not, but she tells the truth, The key points that are given to you are tips that you will use on a daily basis and gets you and your business exactly where it's suppose to be. Pamela Hannam Thank you so much for being that gem in my life. I've seen a difference in my business and my personal attitude after I taking this class, I'm working smarter not harder and i see more money than I did 6mos ago...... I can't Thank you enough!"

-Tikka Moore of Nails by Tikka

Pam is amazing!

I met Pam a few months ago when I was invited to sit in during one of her classes that she was having videoed for her How To Be A Successful Cosmetologist. What I saw was a woman with great passion delivering a message of lessons learned from years of experience in our beauty industry. She was “putting it out there” – no holds barred. She wants to share with anyone who will listen, how to be a success.
Pam came to our Las Vegas only a short three years ago. Then, as other times when she has relocated, she looked for a way to share her energies and knowledge with her new community. She participates at Hope for Prisoners, a nonprofit organization that helps men, women, and young adults who have been in federal and state correctional facilities, local jails and rehabilitation centers return to society. Their successful integration comes after vocational training with mentoring which is supported by leadership training and access to job development services. Pam is one of the mentors. She has been teaching hair cutting and how to be successful in the beauty industry. With her passion to teach and her passion to share, we will soon be seeing some very successful individuals operating their own businesses.
With only one introduction to Pam, she let me know that she was available to me, to ask any questions I might have to build my clientèle – she built hers quickly and successfully, so she walks her talk!! Immediately she had some coaching to improve my business card with something as simple as...yet as personal as... add my picture.
Lots of folks say they can teach how to build a business. And if they haven't been “in the trenches” and built successfully, why should we believe them? Already I know that Pam is an avid student of anything about business – as well as a successful business woman. And she is a passionate coach and source of encouragement. She is one who sets goals and nothing keeps her from reaching them. She will support you getting to your goals!

-Donna L Kris