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The POWER of Power Words

How to get your messages, website and blogs noticed!


Ever wonder why some websites pump out viral post after viral post? Or why some brands have products that fly off the shelves while their competition falls flat? Or why you couldn’t resist clicking on a link you knew was a sleazy sales page?

The answer is simple.

These brands have smart marketers. Marketers who use power words. These power words trigger an emotional response and pack some serious punch to the allure of any sales page, headline or ad. People are utterly seduced by power words. These words get people to click, share and buy! What more could a smart marketing Cosmetologist want?

But how do these power words work?

Why Power Words Amp Up Your Marketing

Power words crank up your marketing effectiveness by:

  1. Invoking emotion: People connect to emotion, not words. Studies show that content that elicits “high arousal emotion” (anxiety, amusement) is more likely to get shared and go viral than content that doesn’t elicit emotion or elicits “low arousal” emotion. Power words are the key to evoking these “high arousal” emotions. Examples include words like “Instantly”, “Mistakes,” and “Hilarious”.


  1. Triggering curiosity: Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it makes the marketer’s life easy. Research published by Harvard Business Review found curiosity to be one of the most powerful triggers for something to “go viral”. Since we have a hard time resisting our curiosity, strategic use of power words makes it almost impossible for us to not to click, share, and read. Power words that trigger curiosity include words such as: Proves, reveals, and ridiculous.


Take this headline for example

21 Sibling horror stories that will make you cringe

The power words “cringe” and “horror stories” both elicit emotion (fear, anxiety), and their combination triggers curiosity (“why are these horror stories so cringe-worthy?”). If this headline just said “21 Funny Sibling Stories”, you probably wouldn’t be that interested. But, “21 cringe-worthy horror stories”, what entertaining surprises this article must contain!

The best thing about power-words is that there are so many to choose from. Google the phrase “power words” and feel yourself become dizzy from the hundreds to choose from!

These are the best places for you to use power words on your site:

  • Headlines
  • Sub-headlines
  • Product names
  • Pop-Ups
  • Landing Pages
  • Buttons
  • Testimonies
  • Email Subject headlines
  • Your business and domain names
  • Call to action

I hope this inspires you to add some POWER to your messages

Holiday marketing strategies

I love this time of the year!

Not for all the reasons that most people do, but because this is the time to really kick butt on your marketing strategies. If you have been a diligent Cosmetologist and kept very good client profile cards on your clients you will really rake in the business at this time of the year. If you haven’t been good at keeping up-to-date information on your clients, than there is no time like the present to do so! Get out that Client profile book and your appointment book, dust them off and start making phone calls, if you have to, in order to get everyone’s information up-to-date.You will need addresses, emails, birthdays, kids names, spouses names, heck even the pets names! Get it all! 

Now is when you should be sitting down and sending out your holiday cards to your clients. I have an amazing system that I use called sendoutcards.  I LOVE this company! Not only can I get this task done in about 10 minutes but it cost me pennies. I can send gifts, gift cards, brownies, cookies and a bunch of other stuff to all those clients who have made my business rock this last year. I can send cards that say what my holiday specials are, remind clients that I sell gift certificates that make great stocking stuffer’s and include photos of new products I’ll be introducing in 2016. All told I can hit my clients with at least four cards before the new year begins. 

Staying in front of your clients at all times is so important that Budweiser, Coke and Pepsi will spend millions at the super bowl this year to remind people of their products. YOU ARE NO DIFFERENT! You must constantly be at the front of your clients minds when it comes to getting their beauty services or they will be tempted to do business with someone else! Please check out this link to and see how this incredible company can change your whole marketing game plan. If you have any questions about this company or how to use it, please email me here, I will answer all your questions without delay.

Mistakes Cost Money

When you first begin your career as a Cosmetologist it’s hard to adjust to life in the working salon environment. As a new business owner you will be faced with many decisions that you didn’t need to think about while you were in school. Here are some problems you may run into and solutions to those issues

  • What to charge

    One of the biggest difficulties you will face is what to charge your clients for the services you will be doing on them. Since you are new in the field you will not be able to command top dollar for your work but don’t fall into the trap of undercharging either. You should do research of other operators in your field. See what the average price is for services that they doing. When figuring out what You should charge, try to aim for something that is in the middle. Not too cheap, not to high. This gives you room to grow as you become more in demand and more skilled.
  • Collect as much information on a new client as you can
    In school this small step isn’t stressed but once you get going in your own business it will be the difference between success and failure. You will need mailing addresses, birthday information, spouse and children’s names and birthdays, any anniversaries that are important to your client, email addresses and social networking pages. All this information must be carefully cataloged in your client profile book and your pre-booking system. 
  • Do a complete consultation before you begin your service.
    A picture is worth a 1000 words. Ask new clients and clients who want a new look to always bring photos of what they have in mind. This one step will save time and money in the long run. Be careful of the client that keeps asking for more than what the original service involved. While you will be tempted to accommodate their wishes in an effort to keep them as a client you will end up losing money in the long run. Be firm but pleasant when you tell your client “that additional service will be extra”.
  • Corrective work mistakes
    When a client needs corrective work done, be careful not to underestimate the time and cost that it may require to do the job. Be upfront with your client about what all is involved in the service and make sure they understand that the price of the service may go up if more time and product is required than originally quoted. Always error on the side of caution. Better to quote more and give a discount at the end of the service than to need to sticker shock your client when you finish.


lost art of coversation

In our profession as Cosmetologist we must reclaim the art of conversation. Your clients will be coming to you for more than just your skills as an operator, they are coming to you to connect, to converse and to share. Developing great communication skills is going to be one of your greatest assets

How to be a successful cosmetologist

If you are having trouble paying down your debts, try making a chart or a graph of what you want to accomplish. Place it where you will see it often and keep it updated as you pay things off. One bite at a time is how you eat an elephant and it goes the same way for debt. Take all your loans and credit cards and place them on the chart from smallest to largest. Each will have a minimum payment that must be made. Make it a goal to place at least $20.00 extra per month on the smallest debt. As soon as that debt is paid, take all the moneys you were spending on that loan and divide it among the other debt, now take that $20.00 you were shoving on the smallest debt and put it on top of the next loan in line. This system will knock out your debt without stressing you out because your budget pretty much remains constant. Avoid using your credit cards while doing this schedule. The goal is to pay off credit debt not incur more! Being debt free will give you an amazing peace of mind and a great feeling of power and freedom.

If you read this article you will see they state an income of $45,000. If you are a cosmetology student graduating and thinking that you will get a “job” your going to be in for a big surprise. First, most cosmetology jobs pay minimum wage plus tips if you are lucky which means you will earn about $11.25 an hour or about $23,000 a year. Second, there are over 680,000 cosmetologist in this country and only 280,000 “jobs” Do you see the problem? You will never get your loan paid or save anything to retire on unless you learn how to build your own business and market yourself.

be a successful cosmetologist


how to be a successful cosmetologist

Hello and welcome to my helpful hints blog. I am always finding little gems that can help you in all kinds of ways and when I do, I will post it here. Please feel free to comment if something I show you or tell you about helps you.