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This is an awesome online company that books appointments, keeps track of Clients, and sends notices to your clients about their up-coming appointments. I LOVE this company. Unlike some other booking companies, Vagaro does not report your sales to the IRS! If you would like to experience a free one month trial on me click here to go to my contact page and put your full name and email address and I will set you up with a promo code to use for a whole month free!

hope for prisoners

This is a life changing organization here in Las Vegas that I have been a part of for over two years now. People deserve a second chance in life especially if they really want to change their lives for the better. Please click here  to read about this amazing program and all the wonderful things they are accomplishing now and in the future. If you live here in Vegas, I invite you to come to any of the many self improvement classes they offer, the graduations or the Tuesday night "Huddles". Many of the classes are taught by CEO's of successful businesses and can really help you in your pursuit of excellence. All activities are listed on the calendar of events page.