Work towards being debt free

How to be a successful cosmetologist

If you are having trouble paying down your debts, try making a chart or a graph of what you want to accomplish. Place it where you will see it often and keep it updated as you pay things off. One bite at a time is how you eat an elephant and it goes the same way for debt. Take all your loans and credit cards and place them on the chart from smallest to largest. Each will have a minimum payment that must be made. Make it a goal to place at least $20.00 extra per month on the smallest debt. As soon as that debt is paid, take all the moneys you were spending on that loan and divide it among the other debt, now take that $20.00 you were shoving on the smallest debt and put it on top of the next loan in line. This system will knock out your debt without stressing you out because your budget pretty much remains constant. Avoid using your credit cards while doing this schedule. The goal is to pay off credit debt not incur more! Being debt free will give you an amazing peace of mind and a great feeling of power and freedom.

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