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The POWER of Power Words

How to get your messages, website and blogs noticed!


Ever wonder why some websites pump out viral post after viral post? Or why some brands have products that fly off the shelves while their competition falls flat? Or why you couldn’t resist clicking on a link you knew was a sleazy sales page?

The answer is simple.

These brands have smart marketers. Marketers who use power words. These power words trigger an emotional response and pack some serious punch to the allure of any sales page, headline or ad. People are utterly seduced by power words. These words get people to click, share and buy! What more could a smart marketing Cosmetologist want?

But how do these power words work?

Why Power Words Amp Up Your Marketing

Power words crank up your marketing effectiveness by:

  1. Invoking emotion: People connect to emotion, not words. Studies show that content that elicits “high arousal emotion” (anxiety, amusement) is more likely to get shared and go viral than content that doesn’t elicit emotion or elicits “low arousal” emotion. Power words are the key to evoking these “high arousal” emotions. Examples include words like “Instantly”, “Mistakes,” and “Hilarious”.


  1. Triggering curiosity: Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it makes the marketer’s life easy. Research published by Harvard Business Review found curiosity to be one of the most powerful triggers for something to “go viral”. Since we have a hard time resisting our curiosity, strategic use of power words makes it almost impossible for us to not to click, share, and read. Power words that trigger curiosity include words such as: Proves, reveals, and ridiculous.


Take this headline for example

21 Sibling horror stories that will make you cringe

The power words “cringe” and “horror stories” both elicit emotion (fear, anxiety), and their combination triggers curiosity (“why are these horror stories so cringe-worthy?”). If this headline just said “21 Funny Sibling Stories”, you probably wouldn’t be that interested. But, “21 cringe-worthy horror stories”, what entertaining surprises this article must contain!

The best thing about power-words is that there are so many to choose from. Google the phrase “power words” and feel yourself become dizzy from the hundreds to choose from!

These are the best places for you to use power words on your site:

  • Headlines
  • Sub-headlines
  • Product names
  • Pop-Ups
  • Landing Pages
  • Buttons
  • Testimonies
  • Email Subject headlines
  • Your business and domain names
  • Call to action

I hope this inspires you to add some POWER to your messages

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